Working on the water supply control box

We are looking for ideas to create a versatile solution for water supply. Water supply control involves

  •  control of the solenoid valve status;
  •  automatic closed-open control;
  •  reading the volume of water consumed.

The solutions we test in the laboratory must meet the following conditions:

  •  to be reliable – in this sense we have scheduled a series of reliability tests;
  •  to have an affordable price so that the final solution is accessible to farmers.

The current stage gives us all the hopes that we will succeed in achieving all the objectives and in bringing to the market a competitive and useful system destined to the needs of the farmers.We will come back with details!


Solatic AN-SMS01 – strong wind warning solution

Ventilation in the solarium or greenhouse has an important role in plant development and among the benefits we can list:

– maintaining the microclimate at optimal parameters, both for temperature and humidity,

– avoiding disasters related to exceeding the critical temperature threshold at which plants die,

– reducing the risk of developing diseases,

– pollination.

However, a big problem is to ensure the safety of the building, especially in the case of solariums, as they can be easily destroyed by the wind if they are open during strong winds.

A solution in this case is represented by Solatic AN-SMS01 – strong wind warning solution, designed to serve a community of farmers geographically located in the same area (for example a commune).

We have been testing the high speed wind warning solution since October 2018 and after five months of continuous operation we are confident that we can bring a new, reliable and useful concept to the market.

How does Solatic AN-SMS01 work?

The equipment is installed in an area as relevant as possible in terms of wind activity, requires 220V power supply and communications network (wifi internet, cable or 3G / LTE). Solatic AN-SMS01 continuously transmits the wind speed to a server. If the alert thresholds are exceeded, information SMS are sent to the list of registered telephone numbers. Thus, you can protect your solariums even if you do not have an automated locking system as provided in the Solatic project.

Solatic is a modular system that will allow various configurations adapted to the needs and financial possibilities of each farmer!


Solatic wind speed measurement solution in real conditions

Over 10,000 wind speed measurements, over 500 test sms, 100% uptime, the high wind speed alert system is validated in real conditions.


The first installations of the Solatic prototype in Galati.

The direct beneficiaries of the Solatic project are 10 registered producers, owners of protected agricultural holdings (green housses) from Galati county.

In conclusion, the first installations of the Solatic system were made at the 10 agricultural producers from Galati County who agreed to work with the new technologies in their activity.

Vegetable growers want new technologies to help them, to be present in their work, especially since their biggest problem remains the lack of labor: “There are times when you can’t find people to come to work in any way. They prefer to stay in the bar, with the beer bought from social assistance in front, than to come to work “, all farmers complain and draw attention to the” less pleasant side “of the activity in greenhouses / solariums.

The Solatic system cannot compensate for the lack of human resources in this field, but it can be the “agronomic engineer” who will assist, through his constantly developing knowledge base, the cultivator in making the best control decisions to obtain an increase in production and optimization. intelligent consumption of water, electricity and nutrients.

We propose that the SOLATIC System be the “agronomic engineer” to which each cultivator has access.